Happily Ever After - Addressing Sexual Desires and Discrepancies
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Heart in the Tummy: for a joyful womb experience
(Grand) Parenting Toddlers

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A parenting support group based in coimbatore, which started as a platform for young mothers to meet, has now grown into an NGO and a Facebook group of over 8000 parents. CPN focuses on various fields of parenting and women empowerment: birthing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, gentle parenting, and sustainable menstruation. One of the important activities of CPN is their breastmilk donation drive, "uyirthuli".

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Happily Ever After - Addressing Sexual Desires and Discrepancies

Event Date: 04-10-2021

Happily Ever After - Decoding Love, Lust and Relationships


Talk  6: Addressing  Sexual  Desires and Discrepancies

Date: 4 October 2021


Many  of  you  must  be  wanting  more  sex  but  your  partner  is  unwilling.  What leads  to  sexual  desire  discrepancy?  What  ticks  behind  a  decision  to  say  yes or  no  to  sex  in  committed  relationships? 


Dr.  Chebbi  addresses  the  dynamic underlying  intrapsychic  and  interactional  issues  leading  to  desirable  and undesirable  sexual  outcome,  and  how  to  effectively  address  them.

Heart in the Tummy: for a joyful womb experience

Event Date: 12-05-2019

(Grand) Parenting Toddlers

Event Date: 01-06-2019

Registered participants, please be there at the venue 15mins before the event starts.


The registration amount is Rs. 300/- per head regardless of whether it is going to be single or more than one person who is going to attend it.


Event Date: 29-06-2019

What is an age appropriate answer to a toddler who asks about how babies are made?


What is the appropriate age to talk about menstruation to a child?


How to explain about body shaming to a 4 year old?


How to warn a child about good touch and bad touch? How to educate them about consent?


Meet Swati Jagdish on 29th June at Siema Hall between 6PM to 8PM to know more on this.


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