Heart in the Tummy 4 - Recorded Version
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Vaanga Palagalaam Vaanga Polambalaam

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A parenting support group based in coimbatore, which started as a platform for young mothers to meet, has now grown into an NGO and a Facebook group of over 8000 parents. CPN focuses on various fields of parenting and women empowerment: birthing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, gentle parenting, and sustainable menstruation. One of the important activities of CPN is their breastmilk donation drive, "uyirthuli".

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Heart in the Tummy 4 - Recorded Version

Event Date: 17-05-2021

Recorded on Day 1: May 7, Friday 

Topic with Speaker 1:

  • Meditation and tuning into ourselves- Reba Daniel (7am to 8am)

Topic with Speaker 2:

  • Amniotic fluid - The water of life - Dr.Vijaya Krishnan (10am to 11am)

Topic with Speaker 3:

  • Birth Like a Badass- Sangheetha Parthasarathy (11am to 12pm)
PANEL 1: Pre pregnancy to Post partum (3pm to 4.30pm)
  1. Pre- pregnancy prep - Sivaranjani Ganapathy
  2. Pregnancy nutrition - Jayashree Jothiswaran
  3. Why childbirth education- Saranya Sastikumar
  4. Postpartum Wellness - Haritha Arun

Topic with Speaker 4:

  • Birth Story - Dr.Rohini Rau and Krishna Kumar(7pm to 8pm) 

Recorded on Day 2 : May 8, Saturday 

Topic with Speaker 1:
  • Let's move our body - Shara Saravanan (7am to 8am)

Topic with Speaker 2:

  • Supporting a pregnant mother during Covid - Reba Daniel (11am to12pm)
PANEL 2 : Decoding birth interventions (3pm to 4.30pm)
  1. Induction - Dr. Harini Mariappan
  2. Epidural - Neha Misra
  3. Episiotomy - Rubiya Ziaudeen
  4. Delayed cord clamping- Arpitha Shankar
Topic with Speaker 4:
  • Birth story - Sruti Nakul and Nakkhul Jaidev (7pm to 8pm)

Recorded on Day 3 : May 9, Sunday 

Topic with Team behind Screen:
  • Chat with CPN team - (10am to 11am)
Topic with Speaker:
  • Birthing - Gynecs' view - Dr.Fatima Warorawala Poonawala(11am to 12pm)
PANEL 3: Sacred connection - Mother- baby relation during pregnancy and after birth (3pm to 4.30pm)
  1. Sacred connection during pregnancy- Effath Yasmin
  2. Sacred connection after birth - Divya Deswal
PANEL 4: Journey of motherhood (6pm to 7pm)
  1. Maalica KSR ArjunKrishnan
  2. Meher Malik
  3. N.D.Ashmitha
  4. Aarabi Veeraraghavan
Topic with Speaker:
  • Healing Birth Stories - A midwife's wisdom - Priyanka Idicula (7pm to 8pm)


Event Date: 29-06-2019

What is an age appropriate answer to a toddler who asks about how babies are made?


What is the appropriate age to talk about menstruation to a child?


How to explain about body shaming to a 4 year old?


How to warn a child about good touch and bad touch? How to educate them about consent?


Meet Swati Jagdish on 29th June at Siema Hall between 6PM to 8PM to know more on this.


Click register to book tickets at 750/- per head.

Vaanga Palagalaam Vaanga Polambalaam

Event Date: 27-07-2019

It's time for some group therapy!!

Vaanga Palagalam Vaanga Polambalam is back!

A safe, judgement free zone for the women to vent their hearts out. We all know how important it is to go out there and talk about things. You'll go back home a much happier, calmer person and a better parent.

Venue: Mango Education, GV Residency

Date, Time: 27 July 2019, 4PM to 6PM

Entry Free!! Limited Seats Only!!


Event Date: 07-09-2019