About Us

Coimbatore Parenting Network (CPN), a non-profit group focusing on parents and parents-to-be in and around Coimbatore. Started in 2014 with a small group of mothers regularly conducting monthly meets under the name of BSIM Coimbatore. Currently we have 5 Managing Trustees and 5 Admins who manage the group which has 10k plus members and conduct events on a regular basis.. We offer peer support on varied parenting tools like breastfeeding, babywearing, gentle parenting, early childhood development, informed birthing, sustainable menstruation and homeschooling.

We work towards creating awareness about breaking various myths about breastfeeding and educating mothers (and fathers) on the above said topics and are actively involved in the following activities in our city.
- conducting meets to discuss about our breastfeeding journeys where we clarify doubts based on the lastest WHO recommendations
-Our facebook group is a safe space for parents to ask anything and everything about parenting where the admin team does its best to give solutions based on evidence based research.
- We have subject matter experts share their knowledge on concepts like Baby milestones, learning disorders, homeschooling, menstrual cups, natural birthing, modern cloth diapering, etc so that our city's parents get the latest information on everything under the sun, that would make their lives easier but keeping in mind sustainability and empirical evidence.
- One of our major activity is collecting breastmilk from donors and giving them to the Coimbatore Government Hospital for which we have been awarded the Coimbatore Citizen award and women achiever award (team category) this year. We are very proud to say that we are the only organised group that donates breastmilk to the CGH at least once in every month.

We are also very well known in the city for conducting World breastfeeding awareness week every year since 2015.


Dr Aishwarya PhD
Founding and Managing Trustee

Aishu, one of the founding members of CPN. A working mother of two. Takes care of our breatmilk donation drive, Uyirthuli. She guides young mothers on pumping and storing breastmilk and also hosts our pump library. Aishu is also passionate about Baby-Led Weaning, Unschooling and Women's rights.

Gotha Hari Priya
Family Life Coach, Founding and Managing Trustee

G as we fondly call her, is our gentle parenting expert. Mother of one, and soon two. She is a certified family life coach. She guides young parents with gentle parenting techniques. She calls herself an advocate for young ones. The most Zen among us, also takes care of the vendor registrations here at CPN.

Kumutha Chandrika Kalyanasamy
Certified Infant Massage Educator, Founding and Managing Trustee

Kumutha aka Kums, a mother of a daughter. Hosts the babywearing and cloth diapering library of CPN. She is a certified infant massage educator. She guides young parents in infant massage, babywearing, cloth diapering and sustainable menstruation.

Minu Gnanamoorthy
B.Tech, MBA, Founding and Managing Trustee

Minu, mother of a high spirited daughter, a management graduate, Software Professional, Recruitment Professional. She is an Entrepreneur and a Founding Trustee of CPN, and is very passionate about giving awareness in breastfeeding, babywearing, babyled weaning, Postpartum Depression, Gentle Parenting, Schooling in today's world. Has special interest in Postpartum Maternal and Paternal Mental Health of families. She is the managing trustee, Postpartum Mental Health Coach & Counselor and the Technical Head for CPN.

Swati Jagdish
M.Sc Psy, CLEC (USA), CBPA, L.E.A.N coach, sexuality health educator, Founding and Managing Trustee

Swati, one of the founding members of CPN is the multi talented expert in the group. She is a lactation counselor, pregnancy health coach and an internationally certified sexuality health educator. She guides young parents on several topics including Baby-Led Weaning, breatfeeding, sexuality health, pregnancy health etc., She believes children's sexuality health is the parent's responsibility. And is also passionate about women's sexuality and health, behavior profiling and sustainable menstruation.

Star Admins

Dr Haripriya Pasuparthy
Dr Manjari Santhanagopal
M.B.B.S., DPH, Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Infant Massage Educator